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Toy Camera’s

The Toy Camera is a genre of film cameras widely known for their simplicity of use. They come in 120 and 35mm formats and despite the rise of the Digital Camera, they have remained still ever popular with the die-hard analogue followers around the world.

The three best known ‘Toy Cameras” are the Holga, Lomo LC-A and the Diana.They are all wholly manually operated cameras with limited features, allowing the user to get back to basics and concentrate more on composition rather than post production. The attraction of these cameras is the opportunity to control all aspects of the set up including aperture, shutter speeds and of course focal point.

Each camera delivers a unique quality to the end resulting image with their own separate characteristics and faults. These imperfections give the captured images a look unattainable with a digital camera without heavy post production.

We here at Prism Imaging are huge fans of these cameras and love talking about film, light leaks, grain and vignetting. We are so proud of our Toy Cameras that their images adorn our studio walls,where we proudly share our experiences with other die hard Toy Camera fans,discussing the intricacy of how to achieve the ‘perfect shot’.

Prism Imaging is one of the few remaining labs in Melbourne who still process colour, B&W and slide film. Our wide range of services for film, includes scanning, printing and photo finishing options.

Happy shooting and we hope to see u soon.

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