The MiniLab

Our state of the art digital Minilab offers a fusion of the best of traditional and digital technologies. We run an Epson SureLab D3000, which has been strictly set up to behave as a professional pro-lab printer, producing exceptional quality and consistent printing at a great price.

Prints range from 2×3” up to 12″ in width and up to any length. It is best suited for proofing and ease of workflow. Prints are individually cut and back numbered. We offer both direct from file output or colour and density corrected services, from E6 slides, black & white, colour negatives as well as from digital files. A large number of borders are available to compliment and enhance your images at no additional charge.

ICC standards are strictly maintained and we use Kodak Professional Inkjet paper in Lustre and Gloss, backed by Kodak’s manufacturing standards giving the paper a superior archival life.


When sending us files online please tell us the following:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • When you need the prints by
  • What size you need the prints
  • Whether you need a boarder or not

Please see below for information on tech specs:


Please flatten all layers

Supply us only TIFF or JPEG files

Standard 8 bit/channel (no 16bit files) RGB not CMYK

250-300 dpi if possible

No LZW Compression, alpha channels or clipping paths

Profile SRGB or Adobe RGB

Aspect ratio must correspond to specified print size, or cropping will occur

Less than 7 characters and none of the following ~&# etc

For more information on file preparation and specifications please visit our Tech Specs page.

Melbourne Mini Lab