Film Processing

Drop your 35mm and 120mm rolls of film into our Hillvale Dropbox. Collected every Tuesday from 10am.

Prism Imaging - Melbourne Film Processing - Hillvale Dropbox


Whether it’s film, your artwork, or old photos from your family albums, we can provide you with a scan to suit your desired outcome. From high-res to lo-res, we scan 35mm, 120 medium format, 5×4 negatives, transparencies, and artworks to a premium standard.

The Kodak 3202 scanner used in our C41 department will scan your rolls of film uncut or cut as well as your individual slides, and can incorporate basic colour and density corrections and minor adjustments. Files supplied are 8-bit jpegs, and can be presented on a DVD or emailed to you.

Our Hi res quality scans are of the highest quality in all facets. Colour density, contrast and sharpness are all addressed as is dust removal. We can scan from 35mm up to 5×4 from transparencies, colour and black & white negatives as well as up to A3 reflective. Discounts are available for customers requiring large quantities. Contact us to speak to one of our sales team for more info.