Acrylic Prints

Our Acrylic Prints offer a supremely beautiful display option which complements a wide array of images from family to commercial and fine art.

The image is printed on a metallic paper and placed behind a 6mm or 3mm sheet of acrylic and mounted on either a 1mm Forex sheet or a 3mm di-bond backing. This creates a stunning effect  When light reflects through the acrylic onto the paper, a stunning effect is created making the colours pop and giving the impression of an almost 3D image. This sort of effect cannot be achieved with glass or other traditional frames.

The acrylic, while giving your images an extra breath of life, also offers UV protection and a great physical stability.

In addition, you have the option of an aluframe or split batten hanging system.

Acrylic Blocks Prinitng Melbourne

Acrylic Blocks

A modern alternative for displaying your desktop images is our 20mm free standing Acrylic Block Prints. They come in a variety of sizes including 4×4, 6×4, 6×9, and 8×12. Your image will be printed on our stunning metallic photographic paper and then face mounted onto your chosen size block. Finished with a smooth black velvet backing and diamond polished edges, acrylic block prints are stylish and distinctive. Choose one of our black boxes, velvet-lined and with a recess to match your block size, for that extra special presentation.

The acrylic block makes an ideal gift for that special someone who has a desire for something different. It is a classy option, whether for sophisticated family portraits or casual snaps that capture a moment, and looks fabulous on your desk at work, or at home.

Have you recently travelled overseas? Imagine one of your favourite images uniquely and professionally produced as a reminder of the wonderful time you had! No minimum required, these can look great displayed as a set or individually.

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