Pegasus Prints

Pegasus printing gives true continuous tone, sharp photographic images, with crisp and precise edge to edge printing. Pegasus photographic technology has taken over from the traditional photographic process and uses an LED light source to expose images onto photosensitive professional paper stock. This process is known as ‘wet processing’ in the same manner as traditional photography, otherwise known as ‘RA4’ or ‘C-type’ printing.

Pegasus prints can be produced from digital files, transparencies, colour and black & white negatives. We print on three different surfaces including Lustre, Gloss and Metallic. All papers are Kodak Endura Premier Professional stock, backed by Kodak’s manufacturing standards giving the paper a superior archival life.

Completely colour managed with strict in-house linearization monitoring methods ensures no drift, accurate and consistent prints that will amaze you.

PEGASUS gallery