Did you know at Prism imaging we create large-scale digital reproductions of paintings, illustrations and artwork? Our copy work service supports artists whose large-scale work requires a digital output or print to produce limited edition reproductions.With years of experience in printing, imaging and reproduction work, Prism are the leaders in the industry.



Before your work is photographed in our studio, a set up is arranged specifically to light the art to maintain the color and texture of your work. This is conducted by experts with many years of experience to help maximise your shoot and achieve the highest possible results.


Large scale works are photographed with the use of a Hasselblad x1D – a mirrorless digital medium format camera. With the use of this magnificent camera all the details of your work will be retained digitally. No loss of quality and the highest production is guaranteed.

Color Reproduction

Once an image of your work has been taken we then work on color and density matching. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff color grade with particular attention to detail to reproduce the colors accurate to your original work.

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