There are those of us who love the nostalgia and magic of film photography. We love the tonality that B&W film offers and admire the soft, subtle, deep natural colours that colour film produces. It’s a love affair Prism understands, we appreciate what you, the purists, the technically minded and the young find fascinating with analogue photography.

The film lover in you needs to know that here at Prism we can process, print and scan C41 and B&W negatives. Let our knowledgeable team look after all your film photography needs!

  • Shoot on 35mm, 120 or 4×5? We got you sorted!
  • Colour correction and spotting? Done!
  • Want to print true photographic images from your scanned negatives on our Kodak Pegasus Digitial Printer up to 20×32” in size? Come on down!

Call us or drop in, we love to help!

By Stella Nguyen