20×32″ Auto Pegasus Prints

The ever so popular 20 x 32 inch Auto Pegasus print service is a simple and very cost effective process. If you would like the highest quality ‘c-type’ printing, simply prepare your images(s) on a 20 x 32” inch canvas by grouping multiple images together on a sheet. These can be trimmed down to individual prints. If you do not have the means to trim your prints we can trim them for you! Please let us know when uploading or dropping off your order.

20x32 inches @250dpi
Saved as a 8 Bit (No 16Bit) RGB Tiff file
File size will be 114Mb
Files must be in HORIZONTAL format
No compression/ layers/ channels
Less than 7 characters and none of the following ~&# etc

30x20 Auto Pegasus Example